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Elnova was incorported in 1975 since then it has been into business of Power Solution where the featured products are ONLINE UPS , OFFLINE UPS , DC POWER SUPPLY ,CVT & EMERGENCY LIGHTS . Elnova strongly believes that customers should be provided with apt Solution for his needs & customers are to be made aware of the products. With intention to make customer aware there are suggestions below which could be crutial in making decesion while planning a UPS . For small offices generally 1 kva online ups are preffered where there are 3-5 systems , 2 kva online UPS & 3 kva online UPS are suggested for offices with 10-14 systems . Suggested UPS for Servers & data centres is 6 kva Online UPS or 10 Kva online where extended Backup could also be provided .

For Three Phase Machines & envoirment Elnova has Designed special THREE PHASE UPS with Isolation Transformer. Elnova has wide range of High Frequency Online UPS for Printers & Plotters where 20 kva online UPS , 30 kva online UPS & 40 kva Online UPS are preffered. For large printing press or facility 60 kva online UPS could be viable option .The product range varies from 1 kva to 500 kva with various Backup options.

Scenario in UPS Industry is very dynamic & Elnova has been the fore runner in terms of Technology . Strenght of Elnova which has been its Uncompromised Qulaity & Strong sales & service support Pan India basis . UPS servicing is being executed with utmost care by experienced Field Engineers . R&D at Elnova Research Labs has been another driving force where continous efforts are being made to make Better Products at resonable cost .

Our Services

Regular service of a UPS is vital to ensure its life-long reliable operation. We offer a comprehensive and cost-effective range of service plans to ensure your UPS is ready to perform when it is needed most. Our UPS service plans include:

  •  Comprehensive warranty
  •  Care pack / Support pack
  •  Site Inspection