All our service plans offer the flexibility to choose the level of service needed to ensure that risks and costs are minimized. They all provide regular maintenance visits and you can choose the level of response time you need to suit your business requirements.

Installation and Commissioning

We take care of the complete process of installation of power supplies for you. From helping you select the appropriate power supply based upon your requirements to taking care of the installation process.

Annual Maintenance Contract

We take care of the complete maintenance of power supplies which ensures the better performance of UPS. For the smooth functioning, UPS needs to be maintained and that’s where we use our technical expertise for assistance.

Preventive Maintenance

We inspect the area around UPS and battery equipment for obstruction and proper cooling. We efficiently ensure that there are no operating abnormalities which burgeons the life span of the systems.

Load Assessment

We measure and validate the operational performance and battery health of all UPS systems. The assessment enables you to identify potential weaknesses in power protection systems which enhances the performance of the battery.

UPS on Rent

We provide UPS on rent which is an excellent solution for temporary requirements. We offer various types of UPS to fulfil your specific demands of power backup which helps in the smooth functioning of your business.


Our engineers are trained to share a good amount of awareness and understanding of the product with the maintenance staff to focus on safety, hands-on operation, precautions and other aspects to deliver the best service to you.

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